Computers Dropping Like Flies

In the last two weeks the Blue Screen of Death started appearing on my laptop and now that is pretty much dead for anything more memory intensive than surfing the internet, and even that quite often caused the BSOD, and now one of my PCs has started Blue Screening. I’m running memtests on it at the moment in the hope that it is a dodgey stick of RAM causing the errors but the results aren’t looking positive. Looks like it may have to get sent off for a tech wizard to look at it, to make matters worse the CPU fan stopped working, replaced that with a spare one but its not much use when the PC isn’t working. Looks like that PC could be out of action for a couple of weeks (perfect timing for my final deadline of uni!). Luckily though I only have 3 more scenes left to render out for the final film so I should be able to make do on my other PC until the end of term. It always seems to happen when you’re approaching a deadline….


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