TARDIS: Architectural Thesis





Time and Relative Dimensions in Space: The Possibilities of Utilising Virtual[ly Impossible] Environments in Architecture

I picked up one of the copies of my finished thesis from the binders today. Above are a few pictures and below you can find the link to a full PDF copy of the thesis.

TARDIS pdf Copy

Our understanding of space is not always a direct function of the sensory input but a perceptual undertaking in the brain where we are constantly making subconscious judgements that accept or reject possibilities supplied to us from our sensory receptors. This process can lead to illusions or manipulations of space that the brain perceives to be reality. Much of the research in this field utilises physically impossible VR environments to discover how far our perception can differ from the measured reality of our senses. This ability to manipulate the illusion and perception of presence and space within an environment provides interesting opportunities in the field of architecture. This paper begins by bringing together current and past research in the fields of neuroscience, psychology, and philosophy and looks at the current and developing technology for the creation of immersive virtual environments then applies these findings to an architectural context.


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