cube test

I’ve been looking for a tool to show how the expansion and compression of the impossible TARDIS spaces work within the film. I have come to the conclusion that there needs to be a reference, a TARDIS, that the spaces fit into and acts as a reference to show their morphing dimensions. To do this the city area for the film will be compressed into a cube. This will also act as a tool for differentiating between the two views in the film, that of the character navigating the city and the overall view of the impossible city. The cube will be punctured with openings, views from within the cube will be of the character and any views taken from outside, framed by the openings, will be the overall view. The enclosure of the city within the cube also makes the modelling and rendering more manageable, as it takes away the need to model an entire city that disappears into the distance. I’m intending to have some test renders finished this week.

cube test2


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