Pannable 180 Videos – Condition One

Condition One Technology Video from Condition One on Vimeo.

Condition One are a technology company specialising in immersive video for tablets and web audiences, they have developed a software that allows users to create 180 degree panoramic pannable videos which can be explored by the viewer using a swipe touch screen motion or with the inbuilt gyroscopes and accelerometers by physically moving the mobile device. Their software allows for the videos to be captured with inexpensive video equipment that is already on the market and the video can be edited in standard editing suites, such as final cut or after effects.

The pannable video creates a more immersive experience than a regular film where we view it from a fixed view point determined by the director. Without having access to fully immersive virtual reality technology this could be a technique that I could utilise for my final project which will look at virtual reality interventions in physical space along the DLR. I would like to develop it further with 360 degree videos so the film space can be fully explored. I will also look into how motion capture could be integrated so that the video could be projected at a large scale and a viewer standing in front of it could gesture to move around the film, much like the xbox kinect so to give a more immersive feel to it.

Condition One

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