Vertigo Inducing Images


Jun Ahn, an artist from South Korea, has been travelling to some of the tallest buildings in Seoul, New York and Hong Kong to take pictures of herself sitting, standing and leaning over the edge. There is a large collection of photos but the most interesting for me are the ones looking straight down at her feeting dangling high above the street below… they actually made my stomach jump a little when I first looked at them and a lot of people have had the same feeling… very interesting that just a photo taken at a height can induce the feeling of vertigo when realing you are just looking at a screen whilst sat at a desk. Recent research has shown that while we read stories parts of our brain become active as if we were actually doing the things happening in the stories, such as if we read about kicking a football the part of our brain that is responsible for the action of kicking will become active as if we were actually undertaking the activity… maybe this is the case for looking at images. Perhaps if we look at images taken from a height our brain responds as if we were actually at that height and the feeling of vertigo is induced.

More info on Ahn Jun


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