4seven Folded World

4seven_Ident_Layout_B-710x802 channel-4-7-ident-main

Sat in front of the telly today I saw the new channel 4 seven corner wrap idenity animations. Similar to the photographs I took on my walk along the dlr they warp space through photography to create an uncanny space.

‘This corner approach creates a visual signature style akin to the Channel4 coming together of the logo, where the viewer is always travelling around a corner from left to right. This holds all the elements together creating a set of idents which result in a logic defying scene, reminiscent of M.C Escher. These idents feature a custom camera technique created by ManvsMachine where regular scenes are given an irregular treatment. It was vital the set retained the Channel4 feeling of everyday locations whilst being very much its own channel.’ ManvsMachine

The project was a collaboration between 4CREATIVE, MANVSMACHINE and THE MOVING PICTURE COMPANY.




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