Interesting article by Owen Hatherley on Architectural Photography – I’m still looking for an angle to come at my thesis project from, I know its going to revolve some what around photography and hyperrealist representations and how we read these images by imposing our experience of the physical world upon them. Its interesting to read in this article about how Hatherley believes the photographic image is having an influence on the architecture created in the physical world.

BLOG - The Photographers' Gallery

We commission emerging and established writers to respond to themes in our exhibition and education programme, or to address something important to the history of photography or photography in the 21st Century. In this instance we have asked Owen Hatherley to write about photography and modern architecture. Initially this was inspired –  on our part – by Open City, the ever popular weekend where iconic and idiosyncratic buildings are open to visit. This year we took part and Brett Rogers, our director,  judged their photography competition. However, the piece has outgrown our ambitions and is a much wider critique of the symbiotic relationship between photography and architecture. Enjoy.

Modern architecture was the first architecture to really market itself, so it makes sense that it has become an architecture largely consumed through photographs. The internet has intensified this to a degree that the main architectural websites – the likes of

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