Anamorphic Camera Projection

This is a model that I used to test out camera projection in 3ds Max. The idea is to project an image onto the geometry of a scene so that it can only be seen properly from one camera angle, as the camera moves through the scene the projection will become clear. I have been thinking about using this in my film as a transition between scenes – as the anamorphic projection becomes clear the projection will become the 3d object which will animate within the scene and what was the 3d scene that it had been projected on will become a 2d backdrop confusing the viewer between which spaces was ‘real’.

The projection hasn’t worked as well as I had hoped, at the moment it is projecting the texture through other objects, this can be solved by merging all the objects into one but at the moment I don’t want to do that as I want to keep editability in the model and will want to apply different materials to different  parts of it. The projected texture is also tiling  itself and repeating across the model, I might be able to solve this by making the projected image larger and filling the edges with white space.


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