Warping Space through Photography

The images above are from a walk I did on Sunday between Gallions Reach to East India DLR Stations. The aim of the walk was to collect image data relating to objects along the DLR that I could use to create the ‘uncanny’ spaces of my project. Instead of just photographing the objects and spaces I wanted to start building on the concept of the familiar but presented in an unfamiliar, uneasy way. Using Andrew Brooks photography as a starting point I decided to take multiple photos of each space to composite together to create warped images.

Some of the images work better than others, but most have managed to create a confusing composition which is not immediately familiar to the eye. Some images are made up of over 100 photos. Over the whole walk I took 2,499 photos, used up 6.5Gb of space and 1 and a quarter camera batteries.


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