Thesis Diagram

This is the thesis diagram for tomorrows seminar session. I struggled a fair bit with the diagram today, it started off as a spider diagram but become a circle when I started trying to link the main themes together. The circle depicts a loop of reasoning within us from the physical experience of space [kinaesthesia/phenomenology] through visual experience of real space to the reduction of space to an image through visualisations and photorealism and the degridation of the real and the increase of the hyperreal. When we become lost in the images of the hyperreal we fall back on our physical subconcious memory of spatial experience which helps to re-orientate us, creating a repeating loop.

The diagram shows the areas of study that will be included in the thesis and some of the sources of information but I haven’t managed to get a time scale into the diagram yet. I’m also not sure on the title of the thesis yet, but have settled on ‘How does our experience and perception of the image differ from our experience of the real world and how do we use this to identify or mask the difference between the hyperreal world of the image and the real experiential world?’ – its not very catchy and not sure it really gets across what I’m trying to achieve in the thesis, but hopefully the seminar will help to rationalise it.


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