Andrew Brooks Photography

‘I got bought some really cool dinosaurs and photographed them but then their skin wasn’t complex enough because it looked like plastic. So I bought a chicken and I used the chicken to get the detail… to add this complexity to it and the kind of realism… I mean I know its crazy but hopefully its got that slight realism amongst the craziness.’ Andrew Brookes

‘Its about collecting as much information when you’re there and then going back to my studio and almost creating a heightened version of the scene… I try to use these techniques to capture not just what it looks like but also the feeling of being there, the warmth, the glows, hopefully capture some of the emotions of the scene. Andrew Brooks

Andrew Brooks is a photographer and digital artist based in Manchester. His images have a realistic but slightly disorientating feel to them through the use of composited panoramas and extreme wide angle views. This is something I am looking at exploring futher in my thesis project and dissertation. Through the use of multiple exposures, captures and composition he manipulates the images to create a new realism from the one that originally existed in front of the lens. He also uses multiple captures to create zoomable images which start to alter the way we see an image by becoming immersed within the fine detail within it.

‘…that never existed so I’ve created that version of it. It took 20 minutes to photograph and then 2 weeks of post production time to put the shot together… so its not about the decisive moment, if you know alot about photography there’s a lot of this thing about capturing the perfect moment, its not about that, its almost about constructing that decisive moment.Andrew Brooks

In his Secret Cities series he teamed up with a group of urban explorers in Manchester to get into parts of the city that you often aren’t allowed to go or are usually inaccessible to capture this other side of the city.

There is an interesting talk by Andrew about his background and the methods he uses to create his images on vimeo.

Andrew Brooks Photography Talk – BLAB Night June 2010 from Andrew P Brooks on Vimeo.



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    This is a very helpful video with digital artist Andrew Brooks describing how he creates his images using multiple exposures to achieve detail over the entire image.

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