Chemical Brothers_Star Guitar Chronogram

The brief for this project was to create a chronogram of the Chemical Borthers’ musci video Star Guitar. See the video below.

I decided to look at the drawing from a technical point of view of how the video may have been created in After Effects by building up layers of 2d images to create 2.5d space. I sourced parts of images using google image search and  used these collected images to recreate a frame of the film from scratch. I set up this view from the perspective of someone within the train but showed the layers breaking down beyond the edges of the train window to show that the 2.5d space only creates a convincing view when viewed through the camera source. The train seats and window are overlaid on the image to show the implied theme of the video being someones view from a train window.

The plan at the bottom of the image shows how the individual image planes that make up the layers of the 2.5d space would be arranged to recreate the film. The image plans are refrenced by a letter and a number [e.g. G6]. The letter references the type of image and the number references the number of times that image has already appeared in the film.

From this exercise it is envisaged that instructions to recreate the entire film could be produced from the dissection of just one or two frames.


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