Glowing Pods Video Test

The video was a test for the glowing pods sequence to go into my final video. It is supposed to imitate a timelapse of the building at night. The pods are flickering a bit too fast at the moment, I was intending for them to be lighting up individually as if someone was going inside them working out and then the glowing stops when they leave.

I used the still renders from the previous post and composited them together in After Effects. I used the Trapcode Plugin Shine on the pods to give them a better glowing effect. I used the Trapcode 3D Stroke Plugin to create the car lights, on top of this I applied the Starglow Plugin to make the car lights glow and the Wavewarp effect to add random movement to the lights. I used the a png file created from my selections render to create a mask to make the car lights reflections in the windows of the building [and the sky reflections]. The sky was some stock timelapse footage. I applied a gradient to the lower part of it and adjusted the hue to match my video.


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